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Welcome to A Writers Place —

offering Writing Coaching and Creativity Coaching, Writing Workshops
and Writing E-Courses

You were drawn here out of curiosity — perhaps seeking a place where you could find inspiration for your writing — or support for your creativity — or a community with whom to share your creations.

A Writer's Place seeks to be a source of life-giving community where writing is the authentic expression of our inherent and sacred voice — opening us to the joy of living life creatively.

Here you can find writing workshops, creativity coaching and writing coaching, interactive writing e-courses and more.

No matter where your creativity leads you — no matter what form of artistic expression attracts you — A Writer's Place can be a foundation for developing your voice.

Here is where you can play, feel free to express silly ideas, and try unusual and different aspects of expression.

I hope you will find in these pages a place for your personal expression and reconnection with your immanent creativity.

Grow through writing coaching and creativity coaching, discover through writing workshops and writing e-courses, and meander through your own musings and blogging. It's all here in A Writer's Place.

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Virginia H. McKinnie, founder of A Writer's Place offering writing workshops, creativity coaching and writing coaching

Virginia H. McKinnie, MA, CYT, CCH

Writing Coach/Creativity Coach/Writing Workshops

What is Creativity?

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I invite you to discover your own answers in ...

A Writers Place: offering writing workshops, writing coaching and creativity coaching

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